Flying Kites is an integrated creative Company

We believe photography is the most important aspect of a high impact advertising campaign. It is the image which will first attract a viewer. It is the visual image they will remember.Advertising photography demands professional photographers who can create visual imagery that promotes a brand, and helps to send a clear sales message. We can handle the entire advertising campaign project, from design brief to post production.



Bring your creativity to life

Everyone remembers a great commercial. We make them. Our expert team of creatives and our in-house production team are ready to connect you with your audience. Our priority is to produce work that delivers your key messages effectively. We do this by establishing an immediate working relationship with our clients.


The power behind the picture

Flying Kites takes special interest when it comes to wedding planners as we have the liberty to make all our new concepts unveil and design it in a unique way which would make our client’s go “WOW”. We specialize in undertaking complete wedding event providing unique services.

Product Shoot

Innovative in the moment

Product Photography is more than just taking good photos. It is about bringing the product life, making them look fresh and dynamic. Product photography has become one of the most important factors in selling of your products and it will leverage your brand by associating it with excellence.

360 Degree

Exceptional images deserve an exceptional presentation

Flying Kites provides service for 360 Photography, Film making, virtual tour company specializing in delivering high quality 360 degree virtual tours for websites and multimedia. Flying Kites serves clients in the tourism, hotel, property, automobile, education, showrooms,entertainment and other various sectors.


Ever Changing, Always Classic

Flying Kites is one of the top Modelling agencies in Mysore that provides best model promotion, casting & portfolio shoots. Our Goal at Flying Kites Modeling Agency is to represent diversity and also to bring our unique style, story and background to the forefront of the fashion industry. We believe that there is so much hidden beauty out there and we are on a mission to find, expose and populate the world with it.


A fresh approach to wedding planning

We are a team of experienced and creative minds that work towards making your wedding an experience to be relished forever. Our vision is to improve the wedding experience of couples everywhere with innovative services and consistent delivery in a professional way. Do contact us if you are looking for creating good memories for your wedding and our photographers and film-makers would love to work with you.


Image is everything

Your people are the essence of your company. To be taken seriously, photos of your staff and leaders need to be professional, while letting some of your brand’s personality shine through. We are expert photographers who also understanding branding. We not only put our subjects at ease, find great locations, and have superior editing capabilities, we’re marketers at heart.

Awards and Recognitions