Flying Kites is an integrated creative Company

Flying Kites advertising company with 10 years of impeccable track record in advertising and allied services, we are in the business of incubating & nourishing brands through a healthy diet of strategy, creativity, innovation & technology. Our brand nutrition center offers the entire gamut of advertising services in a single window platform that saves the client a lot of time, effort & money without any compromise on quality.


Radio Advertising

The Smartest Way To Advertise On Radio

When it comes to radio ads, our content is for listeners and not for viewers. we develop content by focusing on sounds, dialogues and results. Our professionals have excelled in both straight and dialogue advertisements that’ll make your audience curious about the product.

Television Advertising

Creating Ads For The Idiot Box Is a Challenging Task

We’ve got creative ideas, catchy scripts and the pace required to connect with the audience in the limited time frame. We ensure frequency for maximum impact and schedule ads strategically to reach the right audience in the right way.

News Paper Advertising

paper that makes Brand

We take your brand to the hands of the consumer through the most conventional & still, the most widely used advertising medium – the News Paper. We conceptualize & design advertisements along with releasing them in the most prominent dailies & periodicals across the globe.

Cinema Advertising

We Have The Talent, You Have The Dream

Cinema ads give your brand the opportunity to make an impact on a captive audience. And, with your ads showing many times a week your brand can build familiarity with regular cinema goers.

Mall Branding

Your brand, promoted

With the onset of malls all over the country in large numbers, so is the opportunity to place yours brands in places that generate maximum eyeballs. We make sure that your brand gets the maximum mileage through our customized plans across different mediums at the mall.

Outdoor Advertising

The right idea at the right price

Outdoor solutions engage your brand with the consumers in the public domain. It is one of the most effective tools to create brand awareness & recall value. Mobile Display Vehicles, Hoardings, Bus Panels, Bus Shelters, Medians, Passenger Auto Top Branding, Mall Branding etc.,

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